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先日にClove Technologyに商品を注文した。

Clove Technologyを選んだのは、安くて信頼できそうで送付先が日本だとVATがかからないから。しかも、その発送直前に起きた急激なポンド安円高により、購入価格は想定していたより安くなったはず。

Clove Technologyからの購入記

今回初めてClove Technologyを使って、日本の通販とは手続きが異なる点がいくつかあったので、そのあたりをメモ。



A) When stock is available we will take payment and then send you an email asking you to contact your card issuer for the Authorisation Code (or Transaction Code) relating to that payment. There is a unique code for every card transaction (as appears at the bottom of a store receipt) and your card issuer will only give this information to the card holder. When you confirm that code to us via email, phone or fax, your order will ship. OR B) You can email or fax (+44 (0)1202 552937) a copy (photo, scan or pdf) of your passport now, or any official document showing your name and address (such as a driving license or bank statement or other utility bill). If sending a credit card statement, we understand that you may wish to conceal certain pieces of information, this is fine, providing we can at least see your name, address and the last 4 digits of the credit/debit card number. If the statement is in another language (not English) we can still accept this. OR C) If you would prefer not to do option A or B please let us know. We can then attempt to contact your card issuer to verify your details, but please be aware this may cause a delay in processing the order.





SanDisk microSDHC 16GB class2 バルク品SanDisk microSDHC 16GB class2 バルク品

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